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Myths and truths about antiques in the interior

There are many myths about antiques in the interior. Let’s try to figure out what antique really is and is needed in a modern apartment or house.

Myth 1. Antiques in the interior are mostly furniture.

Of course no! Any elements of the interior and furnishings can be antique – from chandeliers to cutlery.

Myth 2. Antiques turn a room into a museum.

This myth comes from a strange belief that antiques are combined exclusively with each other, and if you are to furnish a house with the attraction of antiques, then absolutely everything should be antique.

In fact, such interiors are the exception rather than the rule. In modern design, a mix of antiques and newer things is encouraged in every possible way. Yes, it is not so easy and requires a sense of style, but what an effect!

Often, antiques are assigned the role of accent elements, with the help of which they set the room’s mood or highlight individual zones. Sometimes one object is enough to make the room “play”.

Myth 3. Antiques are only suitable for retro styles.

Indeed, styles such as Victorian, Rococo, Baroque, and a few others don’t exist without antiques. But this does not mean that antiques cannot fit into a more modern interior. See how chic an antique tapestry works into a minimalist living room with loft elements.

Myth 4. Antiques are inconvenient, and it is a dust collector, etc.

This myth arose because antiques are identified with furniture and carved heavy wardrobes and dressers of the 2nd half of the 19th century. But antiques belong to a dozen styles, including Empire, Constructivism, or Art Deco. How does a laconic console or an Art Deco mirror differ from modern products in collecting dust or convenience? Nothing but beauty and quality.

Myth 5. Antiques need a house or at least a large apartment.

But this is only half a myth. If you want to decorate the room entirely in a retro style using antiques – then yes, it should correspond in its parameters to the chosen era. A couple of years ago, a virtual tour of an ordinary apartment in a panel house, which the owners furnished in the Baroque style, flashed in the media. Everything looked like a parody, and they could only move along it sideways. But if antiques are used as a separate decorative or accent element, they are entirely appropriate in a standard urban dwelling.

Myth 6. Antiques are out of fashion

Antiques are not a matter of fashion but of understanding why they are needed.

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